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The Digitus® Brand


The idea arose in 1994 of responding to the growing demand for technically, high-value and environmentally friendly products, the DIGITUS® brand. DIGITUS® has now been successfully present on the international market for almost 16 years. Production and sales are subject to regular self control and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and the environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001.

The selection of user-friendly and trustworthy DIGITUS® products is mainly orientated towards current market developments. The increasing technical fusion of residential and working spaces is especially noticeable. This places completely new demands on products and especially on design. Experienced product designers and regularly entrusted with the development and design of our products for this reason.

Digitus Building


We work as an international company in a globalised world based on specialisation. We must therefore think about the ecological and social effects of our business activities in advance and also have to include responsibility for our society into our activities. The high degree of social end ethical competence expected from our employees is fully justified. Each member of staff has to make sure in his areas of responsibility and influence that human rights and basic social standards are not infringed. This especially applies to the working conditions for our suppliers and business partners. The conversion and further development of these values and targets requires constant, critical revision of our own position. We set this challenge for ourselves – for each senior member of staff and each employee, every day in their respective areas of responsibility. We have permanently anchored this balance, in other words the balance between companies interests on one hand and responsibility towards society on the other hand into our company values.

We have developed an integrated management system for this reason. The measures which are also constantly optimised in constructive dialog with those imposing critical claims are coordinated in DIGITUS® by the "Corporate Organization" area. Value is always placed on well-established quality management in addition to the use of the most modern technology. Our products are constantly tested and certified by high value equipment in independent test laboratories for example. Only perfect goods leave our logistics and dispatch centre.


All the processes, products & services are tested from an environmental point of view over and above the legal standards within the framework of the environmental management system. We have been able to achieve an increase in efficiency, savings on costs and the solution of new problems, independently from the careful handling of resources in our opinion: especially our customers benefit from this. We are show as a medium sized company, that the appropriate environmental protection measures can be

successfully put into practice in a reasonable, economic setting. Our members of staff and the public are regularly confronted with environmental issues. Environmental protection is not a troublesome costly factor for us but rather an expression of our responsibility. Our voluntary environmental services are known and we have already been mentioned in the press. We monitor and put into place the implementation of legal and local authority requirements as a matter of fact. Our environmental measures enable us to work out competent and quick solutions for ourselves and our partners. Implementation of the ROHS long before the deadlines, for example, the responsible handling of the WEEE requirements and increasing further requirements all belong to this. We do not see this as following a set of directives but consider it instead to be an active part of our necessarily increased awareness of the environment.